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PainEraser Therapy Head 3

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  • PainEraser Therapy Head 3:Designed to mount on any PainEraser Driver to quickly and durably release painful muscle spasm and connective tissue contraction.
  • Durable:All PainEraser Heads are built on a specifically hardened stainless-steal tang for added durability.
  • Reversible protective skirt:Slides on/off the tang so it can be mounted with either side down it isolates all metal away from skin and clothing.
  • Nose:Ideal for hard to reach areas; ie. hands, feet and between ribs.
  • Tissue Interlock Projections (TIPS):Energy is efficiently transferred into the tissue planes more effectively and with less friction heat
For BEST RESULTS, use with the PainEraser Driver.

The PainEraser Therapy Head 3 is a special therapy head attachment that mounts on any PainEraser Driver (sold separately) for High Frequency Myofascial Therapy that quickly and durably releases painful muscle spasm and connective tissue contraction. The PainEraser 3 is the same size and shape as the PainEraser Therapy Head 1. The differences include, no magnet, lighter weight, quieter operation, and different color.  Because there are no magnets in the PainEraser Therapy Head 3 there is no risk of magnetically affecting magnetically sensitive implants in the body, as well as reduced overall weight of the therapy attachment. Because of the reduced weight of the PainEraser Therapy Head 3 the operation of the system is much quieter as well.
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